Monday, August 24, 2015

Pullip Doll: Vocaloid Meiko

As you might already know three more Vocaloid joined my pullip singing group recently. One of them is the Pullip Meiko so she is the one I'm going to introduce today with a lot of pictures as usual. Meiko is the less famous vocaloid pullip, some don't even know that she exist and I think she is really under rated because she has a beautiful face up and a style of her own.
Half hidden in the big box. Meiko didn't come alone, there was another doll hidden there with her.
 Our little prisonner
 I like that the back of the box is green with her red outfit. I think that sort of suit even though I already got rid of the box. If I ever make her a duorama, it might be a green one.
 I like that she has short hair I only have two other pullips with short hair. I also like her semi parted lips, that's a nice change from the other dolls.
 She has a black lace bra under her red top, kind of sexy.
 She comes with the usual vocaloid headphone microphone but also a standing microphone. I kind of like the old fashion looks that gives her.
 Singing with Kaito
Now with Meiko finally home, the only missing pullip vocaloid for me is Yuki Miku. I hope to get her soon too.

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