Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wednesday Snippet : Demon world 29

Hello and Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited. Is it time for some action? The big scary guys are it!

“I said “Silence”” he said and while saying it hit the ground with his wooding stick.
The ground starting to shake violently, demons felt on the floor like a bunch of keel. Yue slowly elevated in the air, he could observe the scene tranquilly from above, the only one doing the same was Kamaril. Yue smirked as their eyes met again. If he was to find an ally in there, it was to be the one carrying the mark of his hand on his neck, how improbable he would have thought that would be only yesterday. The three brothers were on the hedge, holding onto each other, Lonan shaking them more than the ground actually did by itself. Yue wonder what kind of power was that. Was the stick some sort of magical artifact able to propagate waves in the ground or was it something more inerrant to the demon himself. Looking carefully at them, those three were anything not normal. First they all had overly sized horns on their heads, demons horns were appearing with your first kill and were growing every time you killed again. It was a way to help pacification somehow, showing off that you were a big adversary was a way for others to avoid confronting you at least if they were smart enough to stay away and if you had nothing against them. I was like harboring a trophy on your head. It was also a way to frighten your enemy. Yue had some horns, he had killed demons long ago but he couldn’t remember who or when or where or even the reason. He only had those horns as proof. Most demon ended up with horns, it was one of the way in the demon world, kill or be killed, everyone had to fight for their own survival. But those horns were huge, so huge that they would have been too heavy to carry for anyone normal so that their necks seemed to have doubled sized burying their ears and shin not in fat but in muscles. The first one on the left was dressed in a blue robe, he was wearing a heavy golden necklace falling down low on his chest, he was sitting nonchalantly, looking at the scene in front of him and the demons shaken trying to stand back up as if it was none of his concern, he was yawning from time to time out of boredom. If he had a purpose it was difficult to define, he was here because he somehow had too, but he didn’t seem to want to take part in the festivity. The one in the middle was the one with the largest horn even though they were not as high as the one of the first demons. He was dressed only with brown leather trousers letting people view the horrible reddish scar on his hairy chest, he had long messy hair falling down to the throne he was holding his wooden stick and seemed to be amused by his own power are the ground was still shaking violently and the demons struggling to get up. Some of them started to fly breaking his amusement. He hit the ground with his wooden stick again and the earthquake stopped.
“You do as I said”, he say again and his voice vibrated in the air and bounced on the walls of the cave.
Demons where standing back up, pushing each other to stand, it was a miracle that nobody had gotten hurt and that no powers had been used. Only a rare fraction of them had even thought about flying. They had all those powers to help themselves but in major crisis they were still behaving like humans, like the bare human they despised for being so weak, they were acting in the same way, resolving to primal instinct.
The third demon was wearing very thick glasses, it was really rare for a demon to wear glasses, in general, most demons’ senses were hyper developed, and having one under developed would in general mean early death. He was probably from a very rich family which had been able to raise him despite the defect. But that was contrasting with the size of his hirns, rich family would pay people to kill other and eliminate competition not do the dirty work themselves. He was sitting curiously up straight. When everyone was back up and had done tidying themselves, he clicked his finger and one of the demons dressed in the black robe standing in the background stepped forward with a heavy book.

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