Monday, July 20, 2015

Pullip Doll: Rida

So today let's continue where we left of last week by opening the second box out of the three. She was second hand and her clothes underneath had brown stained but to humidity so I had to wash them. That was a bit unfortunate. The stains are a lot better but not completely gone but at least the clothes smell a lot better. It was the first time I had this sort of problem at the place where I buy the second hand dolls. I'm waiting for a new doll to arrive today and I'm a bit afraid that her animal ears got missing as they weren't on the picture. Cross your fingers for me, I'll let you know on Saturday, it's an azone. My first azone second hand from that place. 
Anyway here come the pictures of Rida.

Rida is in the box on the right, the grey one.
 The box has been open, she already look fab in the box with her rock still. She reminds me a bit of one of my aunt.
 Here is a series of portrait. I didn't take much pictures of her on the first day due to the clothes problem.
 So today I took some more pictures especially for this post. I think I like to have new picture exclusively for the blog instead of giving you only what appears on the facebook page.

Here she is with my Taeyang Timulus. I think they feet well together even if I intended him to be with Diva. I wonder if I'll get a new Taeyang for Rida later.
 She got her place on the shelf after everyone else. I like the read ties. They are attached to the skirt.
 New portrait in red and black
 Best friend!

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