Saturday, July 25, 2015

Azone doll: Tsubami (Sakura Brand)

Last Monday, I received a doll that I didn't order. Here is the picture. It's a Tsubami too but the Maid version. And despite her being kind of nice (especially on this picture) she wasn't the doll I asked for so I had to send an email (in Japanese, thanks my boyfriend for helping) and they agreed to take her back and send me a new one.
And three days later, on Thursday, I was awoken mid afternoon (That's what happens when you write most of the night) by a very sorry guy who was bringing me this! Yeah!! I was so happy!
 A bag in the box!
 Under the bubble paper!
 In the box!
You can see she comes with a hat and a pair of ears. I was a bit afraid that the ears were missing because she is second hand and the ears didn't appear in the picture on the website where she comes from but all is good now, the ears are here too.
So I put on the ears. There is a little hole at the bottom of her human ears on her face and the extra ears comes inside.
 I like her outfit a lot better than the outfit of  the maid version. I also like that she has green eyes.
She is 27 cm. Actually her body has the same size as a pullip body, you can see Akemi in the background. She is just smaller because of her head which is also 1/6.
 I think she is really special. She remind be of a sky pirates and I'm looking for a way to give her that sort of universe, maybe with other dolls to be friend with or a pet monkey. I'm not too sure yet.

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