Saturday, May 16, 2015

Azone doll: Lipu explores the world

Hello and welcome to a new Azone doll post. I know at this point you probably all want to see Erune but well I'm scheduling all this and as I write this post she is not here yet. But fear not, she should make it for next week! 
So instead, here are the photo from Lipu's first time playing outside. It's really easy to take her out because she is so small and fits in my pocket, in my bag and even in my camera bag which almost makes are a photo accessory. 

Some flowers are blooming because spring is back. I took the pictures in the evening, that's why the light has a sunset angle. 
 Sitting on the fence.
 New the pond.
 Climbing the tree.
 Close up in the branches.
 Playing hide and seek behind a try trunk. With her size it might look a bit like a cliff.
 This photo area was my favorite. She is as big as the leafs.
 So chibbi cute!
 Close up!
 I didn't know if she was going to fall through the leafs but she didn't.
 This is how tiny she is!
 Playing with the dandelions
 The dandelions are bigger than her face!
 Under a tiny sort of tree

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