Saturday, May 30, 2015

Azone doll: Aoto from Alice's tea party

It's a boy. To be fair, Aoto and Yuta from the Alice's tea party of the Ex cute have been on my wanted dolls list for a long time. I just didn't come to get them. The plan was to buy them at the Azone store but as you might have seen last week, I didn't get to buy a doll there on my first trip, they were sold out. Then the store downstairs had them but more expensive than on amazon so I had to order Aoto and he arrived two days later at my boyfriend's. 

I like that he suit as an older brother for Lipu, she looks so tiny next to him. I also like his outfit very much, the hat and the coat are really elegant. Anyway, here are the pictures.

 As usual, it starts with  a big cardboard box!
 And in the box, there is another smaller box.
 The smaller box is protected by plastic bubble wrap!
 And, here we go. Aoto prisoner in his plastic box waiting to be freed!
 He looks so cute with this bow and hat. Great over all!
Take of the coat for a more relax picture. The  hat has one straight ear and one bent ear.
 The Azone dolls all come with their little book and in the book there is generally a story. Here, Aoto and Yuta are getting dressed up for the tea party.
 Here are Aoto and Yuta. I think I'll need to get Yuta too, they look good together.
 Aoto and Lipu, he is twice her size even though he is still quite small compared to my usual Pullips.
 Here is a picture for size comparison, Pullip, Isul, Aoto and Lipu. Normally pullip is a bit taller than Isul but Zuora has a thin wig and no shoes.
 And here is Aoto once more alone for a quick photo session.
 I like that he can hold his tea cup in his hand.

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