Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 14

So let's see what is going to happen to Kamaril, finally. You can't believe I let you wait all week for it, can you?

“What I’m saying, is we can’t really do anything alone”, he added, “I tried, you tried… see the results, we both lost our credit here, they think we are weak.” He moved his head on the side toward the demons sleeping sitting in this room.
“So what”, Kael added.
“Just do the math, it’s four of them and Davon, and it’s only two of us, we need to recruit, we need to build a team and kick their asses then get the heck out of here.” Kamaril said with a smirk as if he had already planned it all.
“I don’t work in team kid”, Kael said releasing him.
“Obviously, that’s why we will have the surprise advantage”, Kamaril said still smirking and massaging his shoulder.
Kael punched him in the face making him fall on the floor.
“No way I’ll work with and idiot weakling like you”, he said turning around he jumped on the next table and lied down to sleep extending his wings.
Kamaril stayed on the floor massaging his shin.
“You’re lucky you’re still of some use to me”, he thought for himself, “but as soon as you’re not, you’ll be the first one to die. You have no idea who you are dealing with.”
He had a plan, he didn’t want all of those to get powers that he might not be able to handle, just as what had happened with Yue, he needed to stop them from awakening before him and to eliminate them before they did. He took a mirror out of his pocket to look at the dark carbonized black mark on his neck, it was disappearing again. He formed a ball of fire in his hand and starting to burn the skin again. He wanted to look weak and unsuspected.

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