Friday, April 24, 2015

Vampire Friday: Vampire Heart 14

Have you been bitten yet? I have to admit that so far in the story there hasn't been much biting.  As I wrote it a long time ago I'm not really sure when it starts. 

Let's start again with a fun fact about my vampire writing adventure. Maybe, just maybe I wanted my vampire not to drink human blood. Maybe, just maybe I wanted him to be just a good guy. But maybe that's too hard for me to handle. I can't handle it when I read and I don't think I can handle it when I write either. I mean except maybe for Kallisto (See Demon and Fairy), the rest of my characters are pretty much oscillating between good and bad just like I do on the daily basis.

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Now let's go back to our story and let's take a closer look at those guys stalking Viorel.
The small one was bold with a mustache, which was giving him a funny air that could have been laughable in other circumstances. He has this huge scar on the top of his head which was only visible when he was bending over a lady with a malicious look. He could have stolen some purse or two on the way but that I didn’t know for sure. The scar had probably been made by a knife, not a really shape one though according to the shape of it. It had never been taken care of properly which was the reason why he was shaving his head, I supposed. He had difficulties on carrying his weight on his left leg and I thought how this would be an helpful information for me to use at time. 

The second was about thirty centimeters taller than me. He had spent most of his time playing with a knife scaring some of the people passing by under the reprobating look of his companion. It told me that he was right handed. He too had a scar that was going down his face through his left eyes, if I could stay on his left side the reduction of his field of visions should keep me out of danger for a few seconds. He didn’t seem to have learned how to compensate his handicap or even to think that it could be compensated. 

I bought myself a short sword with unknown Hungarian arms on the pommel. It felt really light in my hand and I remembered that someone had told me that lightness was efficiency. If heavier blade could have caused more damages to my adversary, it was also susceptible to tired me faster and that was an inconvenient that I didn’t want to cope with when my wounded body had just finished healing. The blade was really sharp and one second I hesitated with the feeling that my poor knowledge in sword handling may result in hurting myself more than anything else. But when I started to handle it, however it all came back to me. I felt that I had lost strength and speed, I didn’t understand how but my movements were still as precise. 

The seller congratulated me for being so skillful. I wasn’t sure if he just wanted to sell the sword or really meant it. I was still puzzled by the changes in my body. I wanted to know how I could remember moving like that without remembering actually training, but how I had the feeling that something wasn’t missing. Leaving tonight seemed like a good thing after all. I knew that staying in the same place too long would be dangerous, but I still felt comfortable staying where I was a bit. Traveling was not my favorite life style. I didn’t let the man pack the sword, I wanted to keep it close. I wasn’t expecting them to attack me in broad daylight, but the street was already starting to empty. I was glad that my father had left me enough money to be able to get myself an item like that and I was glad not to have forgotten how to use it with all the rest.

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