Friday, April 3, 2015

Vampire Friday: Vampire Heart 11

Have you been bitten yet? 
Welcome to a new Vampire Friday where we once again meet with Viorel the hero of Vampire Heart. I'm going to start sharing fun fact about my Vampire writing from this week because I'm it's still March as I write this post and all the post for April, I can't really be talking about my daily life anymore. I don't see in the future, unfortunately, that gift would probably stop be from worrying so much.

So here is this week fun fact: Viorel first appeared in my first novel Demon Soul, where he lives in a house filled with humans kids and kids from other species. The house is also in a very particular location that might make the reader wonder what the hell is going on and how come every body seems to converge to it. Well, Viorel still leaves in the basement away from the sun... strange... you'll see why next week or if you read Demon Soul.

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Alright, let's go on with the story

I couldn’t remember the face or the voice, I kept on trying, turning the words in my head until I could hear it, a sweet voice and a light laugh, that reminded me vaguely of the voice of the girl crying in the castle’s prison. It made me happy for a second but I pushed the last thought away. Who ever had been making me happy had to be fine! I decided not to jump on conclusion about myself until my memory got better. 

I finished to wash and changed clothes, the clothes were just my size and I knew they were mine, they carried the smell of lavender strongly and as I concentrated on the smell I realized that my dirty clothes had also smelled lavender.
This had become my favorite smell ever. It was the only thing that vaguely reminded me of home and of the happy time I probably had once. It meant someone was careful enough and loving me enough to make my clothes smell that well. I packed my stuff carefully in my bag and placed the letter from my father under my shirt. That was the closest thing I had from an explanation and I intended to read it as many times as necessary to understand every single words of it as well as my father’s deepest intentions. I placed my dirty clothes separately thinking about disposing of them as soon possible. If I was really banished from the Kingdom of Hungary as the sentence had told me and if it was an official sentence of death, I couldn’t really risked being caught and even more, being caught with bloody clothes in my bag. 

Then I started to walk to the west. Walking was the only way of moving that I had. I had the feeling that I used to move a lot faster but I didn’t remember how. It was just a feeling of the wind on my skin that seemed to have been a lot different. I tried to run but I soon realized that I couldn’t keep up with that for too long. Running was tiring and my lungs were becoming painful really easily. The cut on my skin seemed to be healing pretty fast, but I could still feel the pain for each precipitous move I was making. 

I tried to avoid the cities, to stay in the wood as much as possible. But soon realized that it was more dangerous for me to hide, I left the dirty clothes in the hole of a tree trunk and started to take the road. As I was going further and further away from Sighişoara, that’s what the mark called the closet town, it seemed to me that the danger to be found by people of my clan was reducing, but that the danger to be attacked by robbers on the way was getting more and more present to my mind. I was still scared of the sun and staying on the side of the road what was hided under the trees but anyone could have jumped on me from the trees. I wondered how far I would be able to go on my first day and how far it was necessary to go to make sure that the people from my clan who had left the night before were not waiting for me further ahead and ready to get me as soon as the sun would let place to the night.

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  1. I'm still getting into this story. I should probably go back and read the others. IS she the vampire?

  2. the main character is a guy :) i agree... i'm always excited to see what will happen each week