Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dragonfruit (A-to-Z challenge 2015)

Hello and welcome to another yummy fruity A-to-Z April challenge post. Today I could have chosen the durian, that would been very Asian and very smelly. But I decided to chose the dragonfruit instead. And because it's Saturday, the post needs to be crazy, that's the rule!

I tasted my first dragonfruit during an exchange student program in Belfast. I was shopping with my friend from Taiwan and she told me that very colorful pink fruit was something she had so much cheaper back home and I told her that I had no idea what it was and never tasted it. So she bought one for me. Seeing I didn't even know how to prepare it and stuff. It throw me into a unknown food buying rampage which haven't really calmed down since. As you can see on the following video which is I must admit my worse food experiment so far. But first let's continue my dragonfruit story as the video is just a bonus.
So we went back and I opened my color full present and had a
 panda attack!! 

The dragonfruit is totally Black and white inside, such a surprise! 

Anyway, have fun with the next video, it was one of the craziest day in my life.

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  1. Oh wow - I would never have guessed with dragonfruit that that's what they look like inside - now I certainly need to go out and buy one to find out what it tastes like!! Here via the A to Z Challenge :)
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