Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday cinema: Secret Window

Welcome to a new Tuesday Cinema. For a bit I have decided that we are going to have Writer Movies, how cool is that! 
What I mean by Writer Movies is movies where the main character is a writer. First, this week, let's start with "Secret Window", a movie based on Stephen King's novel. 

The story: Mort Rainy (that's our writer) moves back to his cabin in the middle of nowhere while divorcing his wife. There, John Shooter comes to visit him and accuse him of plagiarism. At first, Mort doesn't take him seriously, but Shooter becomes more and more violent with his demands for recognition leading Mort to ask for protection. At the mean time, his ex-wife keeps on calling him asking how he is, leading to more and more anger and frustration.

My feelings: This is the second time I watched this movie. I didn't like it as much the first time, I guess that was because of my state of mind. I really enjoyed it this time. Do you know that writers create characters all the time in their head and that though characters start talking to them? I can have entire dialogues with my characters telling me at the moment to write their story and as they are in different stories that can become a lot messy. I think this movie is a good thriller, especially because Mort wanted isolation, but couldn't get it until he totally accepted himself not matter how creepy.


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