Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 7

It's time for another little part of Demon Word unedited, it's seems that our demons have a bit of a room problem but nothing that Davon can't fix, right?

Davon looked down, he was supposed to be in charge of them, but Odeon’s gaze at something that made him feel small, very, very small. He turned around to escape it and almost instantaneously regain confidence. Yue smiled observing the scene. Those three were definitely something different than the usual noisy crowd.
“So, which room will they use?” he said facing the others.
They looked at each other not really willing to be the first to speak or even to comply. Some of them just went back to their games, ignoring him completely. The more time passed, the more his authority was fading. In the demon World, the strongest held the power, he wasn’t the strongest in this room, Yue was, Odeon was, maybe even Torsti and Lonan were stronger than him and the others felt it.
Kael was the first on to stand up.
“They can sleep on the floor in here or outside in the wood if they want too, I’m not moving and I’m not sharing my room with more people,” he said.

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