Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday taster 32: Parallel Slip

Hello everybody and welcome to a new Thursday Taster! 
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Parallel Worlds by Deeo Elaclaire
Let's get back to our parallel slip story unedited. Frederique is still in her black out and she had a lot on her plate. Personally, I'm not sure I could jump in somebody's life in the middle of a crisis and fix it as if it was nothing but I guess she got used to it after years of daily parallel world travel. 

I opened the door and walked out. She took my hand again. I had the feeling that she had been in charge of the situation here and until I arrived in my other self's body. I didn't know where we came from or where she wanted us to go, but I guessed that we needed to go back where we were coming from and find a place where the street lights weren't all broken.
"I mean you wanted to study and I..."
"Later, let's get home first," I said.
She was talking because she was nervous, that was obvious, but I needed her to shut up for a while because I didn't know how far away were the guys following us, or how many of them were after us.
I walked cautiously, trying not to make noise on the empty cans, but her high heals resonated on the ground like bells in a church on a wedding day. They were the only thing I could hear.
"Hum, what about we start running again," I said.
She nodded and we ran, straight from where we came from. She was faster than me and I started to think that she was probably in an athletic club or something. Sometimes, I jump in a version of me that is very athletic and I wished that it would be the case in some situation, but this Frederique seemed to have had the same sort of childhood I did and not to have been allowed to move too much. I stopped at a crossroad and she bumped into me. I was out of breath.
"Why did you stop?"
"Crossroad, looking right, and left, for bad guys, before crossing, the usual," I said.
She almost laughed, but put a hand on her mouth.
"I didn't know you were funny too," she said.
"I didn't know anyone could find anything funny in that kind of situation," I said.
She looked right, then left.
"There's nobody," she said.
"Then let's go," I said.
I felt her pulling me sligtly to the right, so I took it as a sign that it was the way to go. Then she stopped me.
"Over there," she said, pointing at the other side of the street." It's their car."
"Great!" I said, turning around and lowering myself behind a car parked on the side. I pulled on her hand and heard her dress crack somewhere.
"What do we do now?"
"Is there anyone in the car?" I asked.
She moved up slightly.
"No, I don't see anyone."
It's not that I didn't believe her, but at the same time I wanted to make sure for myself. I took a look over the car. Theirs seemed to be empty.
"Then?" She said.
"Then we keep on running while we can," I said.
The bus was coming.
"Now," I said.
And I ran, still holding her hand, the bus stop was about a hundred meters away.

Answer to last week's comments.

I think at some point everyone has to make their own mistake. If her mum is right, that would be too bad, but she can't possibly stay safe anyway while traveling in other worlds. I think Frederique already has a lot of experience of the world because of her travel and so she can't be acting just on a caprice.
Then sorry for the Physics, lol I can't help it, I have my nose in equation all day after all.
Then "Please continue", sure, as long as you are enjoying it and I still have some written, I'm not taking it away. ;)

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  1. I definitely could handle a jump in reality the way she does. It is very exciting though!!

  2. I hope they get away okay and reach the bus on time. Quite a fast moving great taster.