Monday, February 16, 2015

Pullip doll: Cat attitude!

Fresa wanted to be a cat, so now she looks like a strawberry, witchy kitten. The five piece outfit include a cloak with pointy catlike ears, a jacket, a dress with a cat tail and socks. It was my first time making socks, but I'll make more, socks are easy.
I had to make the hood a bit larger than normal because of her crazy hair. They are really thick and high on her head. The cloak is attached by a polka dots ribbon.
 Here you can have a better view of the dress. I used the polka dots to remind of the strawberry, she still has her strawberry in her hair. And I added some decorations, the little bow at the bottom was pretty arbitrary, like yeah, let me add another one! The dress is closed at the back with velcro.
 Cat attitude!
Here I added the jacket. The back of it is black. I discovered that I love to work with felt, it's thick and really comfortable to sew. The jacket is closed at the front with an hidden clip button.
She has a bow only on one shoulder, tell me about my asymmetric tendencies. The hood also has a bow only near one ear.
And here she is totally dressed. Now I'm thinking about making some more animal type outfits so stay tuned.
And who says cats says Isul Neko Neko Mao Mao. Here are my two kittens in different style even if they still both have strips.
 Cat attack!

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