Monday, November 24, 2014

Pullip making: Serena's second dress

I tried to put Serena in a pair of jeans and sweater (all hand made) and somehow it didn't really reflect her personality. Some might find she looked good but for me she looked pretty miserable. I mean she is still cute and all but there were days when I wanted her to wear something else.
I know this is a good pics so I don't even remember why I was complaining about her outfit.
Anyway, I made her a second dress. I really liked the outfit of the pullip milk late so I took some inspiration from there. Then it was just a matter of sewing for hours. 

Most things could be sewn with the machine, I have to put all the dentelle parts one by one on the skirt. 
Then I had to decorate the top before adding the sleeves to be able to use the machine for it. Just pinching and sewing the fabric on itself can also be used as decoration, just be careful to count those millimeters going of in the total count of the fabric when you cut it, you don't want to end up with something fully decorated and pretty but too small.
 Same, decorating the sleeves before sewing them, the trick here to have them identical was to sew both in one piece and then cut them appart.
Of course, some parts like the ribbon of pearls and the roses had too be sewn by hand.
And here is the result. First the bottom of the dress.
Then the top of the dress. I'm always a bit worried that the sleeves won't allow full movement of the arms, but once again no problem here.
And the back of the dress. This time the dress was long enough that I didn't have to cut the zipper shorter. I like zipper a lot because they make the clothes that much easy to put on.
 And here is Serena in her new dress, doesn't she look pretty?

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