Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hump Day Hook 33

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Welcome to a new Wednesday Hump Day Hook!
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But first, here is a little part of my parallel world travel story which still doesn't have a real title. It's a little rough and unedited as the first draft isn't finished yet. I hope you won't get too confused Frederic is not really being herself. You better get used to that too, she does it a lot. 
"Captain, have you lost your mind," the older man said. "With all due respect..."
"Whenever someone starts a sentence with that formula, I'm not sure how much respect is left," I said standing up.
The others seemed to take it as being dismissed. The older man stood up and looked at me.
"Nobody, ever, in this ship or another defied the protocol, do you think that because your father," he started.
"This has nothing to do with my father," I said.
Everything about my father had always been a bit touchy even if my father and the captain father were possibly different, I still had trouble with the father part of our life.
The man turned around to leave. It was just me in the room and two other women, sitting on some sort of motorcycle without tires in front of screens. It looked like a video game, but it wasn't. Behind their analytic screen was a larger one. A glass panel. I walked around the room to come closer to it. Millions of stars all around.

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