Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Cinema: Maleficient

Welcome to Thursday cinema, last weekend, I went to the cinema to see Maleficient, before that we went to all you can eat pizza restaurant, that was an awesome Saturday.

Story: I think we are all familiar with sleeping beauty's fairy tale, but let me introduce it to you again. Once upon a time there was a king and and queen who had a beautiful baby girl, named Aurora. They threw a big party to introduce her to the world and everyone was invited except the evil fairy, Maleficient. To take revenge, Maleficient came to the party and cursed Aurora to stick her finger when she turns 16 and die out of it. Then, one of the nice fairy godmothers who didn't finish her spell yet saves the day by changing the ending and making Aurora sleep only. Then 100 years later, a prince comes along and gives Aurora her true love kiss and wake her up and they live happy ever after. Well, well, well, not quite and that's what Maleficient is all about, the "not quite" part of the story and Aurora clarifies some events.

My feelings: This movie was awesome, just beautiful. From a graphic point of view, it was really amazing, so many things were created to populate the fairy world it was just incredible. Just for that it totally worth the watch. From a story point of view, it was also awesome because it makes you rethink a lot about everything you have been taught. What if someone else was to tell the story? What would be different from their eyes? I think it's totally worth the watch and the rewatch. I often cry during movies, not so often laugh, this movie made me do both.

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