Sunday, February 9, 2014

021/365 Snow on the river 2

Today's shooting was such a bliss. When I walked out the snow had been cleared out in front of my building's door and there was a good 20 cm snow everywhere on the ground. Once again I walked to the river. Of course once there there was not path to get close to the water so I walk in the tracks of the only other person there. It was just the pale sun hiding being the clouds, the birds flying in the sky after each other, the river, the snow and me. I really felt at one with the universe. I had been waiting for the snow for so long, it felt like a reward for the hard decisions I had to take recently. Many times I felt and many times I went on my knees to take pictures, including this one. It wasn't even cold, it only felt like the world around me had been covered by a white blanket.

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