Monday, January 20, 2014

Japan, Okinawa: Aquarium

As we weren't diving the next day we decided to go to the aquarium in Naho, it's the largest aquarium in Japan and it used to be the largest in the world. They have a very large tank with whale shark and large rays which is the main attraction. You can go at the top of the tank and see the place from where they feed the fishes. They have a lot of colorful fishes and fishes from very deep sea and a section dedicated to sharks. We learned that the difference between sharks and rays in the classification is only due to the orientation of the gills, they are vertical for sharks, horizontals for rays which seems really surprising because rays and sharks looks nothing alike. The classification for whales and dolphins is as surprising, if it's longer than four meters it's a whale, if shorter, it's a dolphin. So I made some jokes, what if a shark decides to swim on his side? What about baby whales? Are they dolphins until they grow up?
They also have a museum with a lot of skeleton and also explanation about fake fin made for hurt dolphins. It seems to work pretty well. 
On the outside there are pond for manates, dolphins and  turtles.
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Another Island seen from the aquarium
Large tank
Divers cleaning the large tank
Above the large tank
Colorful fishes
Hiding in the rocks
False killer whale's skeleton from the museum.
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