Saturday, January 18, 2014

365 photography challenge

A while back I wanted a new camera. I wanted a camera that could take beautiful pictures. I had explored everything I could with my current camera and I was becoming frustrated with it. It's not a bad camera, it's small, I can take it everywhere easily, it took thousands of pictures that I will keep forever and hundreds of memories. At this point in my life, however, I just want something more. It took me about a year to take the decision of buying a new camera. Did I really need it? Did I really want it? I know for sure that I don't want to spend too much time on learning to take pictures, I don't want to become a professional, I just want a better quality than I have now and to gain a little bit of knowledge and techniques. So finally, I've got a new camera.

This is where the 365 photography challenge comes forward. 
Instead of pulling my hairs of because, there was this amazing thing to photograph but I didn't know how to use my camera at the right lens aperture and my ISO was off and don't even get be starting on the shoot angle, oh my goddess so terrible, I decided to take a step by step approach. For the next 365 days, I will take one picture a day and post it on this blog, flickr... actually in several places automatically using (ifttt). 
I decided not to have a theme so that I can practice as many skills as possible. I also want to have many topics to help me decide on what I like to shoot and what I don't like as much.

They will also keep my creativity juice flowing as I will need to come up with something to photograph every day. Using my camera every day should make me a better photograph no matter what anyway, using the power of practice, practice, practice!

The 365 challenge going on on this blog every day doesn't mean that I will stop the rest of this blog activities (amigurumi, writing, editing prompt, travel, blog hops...), they will follow their normal course, the 365 challenge just comes as a supplement.  
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