Saturday, December 21, 2013

Japan: Flying to Okinawa

My Christmas holidays start today! 

I'm flying early morning to Okinawa where I will be taking diving classes for the first 5 days in Naha then sightseeing in the islands around. Okinawa is a group of island in the very south of Japan. They have a warm humid subtropical climate. The temperature down there is around 20℃ at the moment and the temperature of the water is supposed to be higher, that's going to be a lot of fun.

I already started to study diving theory with the workbook and textbook and finished all the necessary quizzes on the e-learning website. I always wanted to learn how to dive and Okinawa seems like a great place to start. I feel a bit scared by the amount of material to remember and by the amount of risk when diving if you don't do it properly but I'm ready to learn step by step to handle the equipment and to breathe underwater. I think one of the challenge is going to be never to hold my breath.

If everything goes as planed I'll go to Iriomote island, Miyako island and Kume island to do some sightseeing, after the diving classes. I want to go to the beach and take a boat on the river in the jungle. I'm really excited about it. After the snow in Sendai few days ago, it will be a nice change to feel the summer again.
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