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Attic Mirror: Hump Day Hook 22


Merry Christmas!!!

I don't have a Christmasy story to tell you because my Christmas story called "Dark Wings" hasn't been written yet. It has been in project for years but still hasn't made it to the current-project and it's still in the waiting-to-be-written list. Anyway, there is a little clue about it in Attic mirror, but of course you can't notice it unless you read both. :P

Anyway, as it's Wednesday again, it's time for  Hump Day Hook again. Find the other writers here.
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Attic Mirror is finally available as a kindle on amazon here and as a pdf on Etsy here and on smashwords here

Let's continue with Attic Mirror, we start again just where we left off. Today it's a little longer than usual because I wanted to reach the end of Chapter 1.

Hitomi was completely taken aback by the story. Of course she had been reading a lot of books about explorations and travels but she had never thought that she might one day meet someone who had been close to one of the explorers. In her world everything had been explored a long time ago and there were no real explorers left or unknown places like the ones Demian had been describing.
“Why are you saying nothing?” Demian asked after few minutes. “You don’t believe me?”
“That’s not it, it’s just….” Hitomi started but he had gotten up in a hurry before she could finish and was now rummaging around his desk’s drawer.
“I have evidences right here”, he said bringing his treasure near the mirror. “It’s my grand-father’s expedition diary.”
Hitomi took a close look at the little notebook in his hand. It was yellowish and with brown stains as if it had been carried down from the mountains. Demian opened it slowly in front of her being extremely careful.
“I believed you”, she said, “Just in my world we don’t really have explorers anymore.”
“So how do you explore?” Demian asked in disbelief.
“Everything has been explored so we send robots in the space to look at other planets”, Hitomi said still looking very interested at the notes of Demian’s grand-father.
“What? it’s amazing, that means that you made something that can fly that high”, Demian said.
Hitomi raised her eyes to look at him wondering if he was still serious, but after all if they didn’t have cars maybe their technology wasn’t as advanced as the one in her world. Curiously she started to think that she had always imagined other worlds to have big computers and flying saucers everywhere, she had never thought that it could be the contrary. She took the dictionary and opened it at the page describing the planes. There was a little summary of aviation’s history and Demian started to read it.
“It’s the plane”, she said, “to go to space we need rockets like this one.”
She turned the page to find a rocket but the dictionary was too old, so she started to draw one.
“Can that fly?” Demian asked.
“Well they go straight up and then I’m not too sure, they use gravity maybe”, Hitomi said. “I’ll get you a better book, we have a lot.”
“I wish I could borrow this book already”, he finally said pointing at the dictionary. “Your world seems so fascinating.”
“I could say the same”, Hitomi said a bit surprise as for her, her world was just normal.
“You’re kidding”, Demian said, “There is nothing that interesting here, just the Ylocs and the race and…”
“And the explorer, it’s all new to me you know”, Hitomi said.
“Does it mean that you are going to come see me again sometimes?” Demian asked with a voice betraying a kind of hope.
“Oh, yes, all the time”, Hitomi said getting excited not even noticing how happy her answered made Demian, “That way you’ll tell me everything about Teneria and I’ll put it all in a book.”
“I think you’ll need a lot of books to put everything”, Demian answered laughing.
“Then I’ll just take few notes and I’ll write an adventure novel in Teneria about an explorer like your grand-father”, Hitomi said.
“With lots of Ylocs, because I know everything about them so I can teach you”, Demian said.
Hitomi smiled she was already ready to start listening to him again. She really liked the way he had told her his grand-father story and she thought it would need just more details to make a great story that everyone would like to read. They were starting to make plans when they heard a voice coming from Demian’s house.
“Demian. It’s diner time, how come you haven’t set the dishes on the table yet?”
Demian looked at Hitomi a bit annoyed.
“It’s my mum, I have to go. Will you be here when I come back?” he asked.
Hitomi looked at her watch.
“Oh, no, it’s so late already, they will be looking for me everywhere, I think I have to go to”, she said.
Demian looked a bit sad again, he was hoping that the evening would have a different ending or no ending at all.
“But I’ll be back tomorrow”, she added quickly with a smile.
“See you tomorrow then”, he said getting up not really sure if he could believe her or not.
Hitomi looked at him going out of his room. She had never noticed before but the walls were full of posters of Yloc’s races and he had books about Ylocs everywhere on his shelves. For sure he was passionate. She put the red cover back on the mirror and dusted herself a little.

As today is Christmas, here is a little bonus for you, an old video of me reading the beginning of 
Attic Mirror.


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