Saturday, June 8, 2013

JuNoWriMo: Vampire Heart part 5

It has been a week since the beginning of JuNoWriMo. I spend the first day rereading Vampire Heart which had been abandoned in a corner of my computer for no less than three years. I can't believe that I remembered so much about it and I even remembered the part of it I hadn't yet written at that time. I think that story never really left me and was still hoping to be written some day. I had stopped writing it because it's not really my usual thing. It's a Vampire Story and I really often use vampires in my stories but it's also an historical fiction. It starts about 600 years ago in Sighişoara which is located in today's Romania but was part of Hungary at the time the story start. Viorel, the main character is escaping and traveling West to Europe to find himself and a way to take revenge. I wanted every historical fact and geography to be correct over 600 years of travel. That was overwhelming! After 69449 words, I have only covered 4 years but they are 4 amazing years. I also want to put some science in it as to how a vampire can actually live on blood and so on... It is another challenge that I'm ready to work with now.
What I discovered while rereading was all the editing needed but it didn't stop me and I'll go for it and finish this draft. It might be my longest draft ever because Viorel is still very far from his goal and has a lot to learn before going back to Sighişoara. I had thought once about making this story a trilogy but I guess I'll decide that when I have a full draft in my hands.
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Anyway, enough talking let's go to the facts. I'm at 16208 words in total for the current JuNoWriMo challenge. I was supposed to be at 17500 words last night but I decided to sleep instead, I can't possibly go to bed at 4am every night. I'll catch up today.

And as promised here is the fifth part of Vampire Heart for you to enjoy.

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  1. Wow, such an amazing page Linda, dropped in to say hi and thanks for liking my story on theunseenpromise. I hope we chat again soon. Good luck.

  2. Love your page Linda, so cool. Thanks for posting such an encouraging comment on my story at theuneseenpromise. Much appreciated. Let's chat again soon. Good luck with your work.