Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Challenges

Today is the first of June and also the start of many challenges for me. In one hand it feels like "WHAT first of June already? I'm not ready for that!" and the other hand it feels like I had been waiting for it for a long long time.
So yesterday I wrote a list of everything I'm supposed to do during this month and my boyfriend ended up telling me that I can do it all only if I'm not human. As one of my friend has been calling me a monster I think I might have a chance. So I'm going to try anyway. You have to remember, I hate to lose (Oh god! I lost the game!) so I'll do whatever it takes... including not sleeping, not eat, not breathing... you got the idea ;)
So now lets stop the joke and write down the to do list:

To Do List for June 2013:

1) Finish the 6 Week Challenge
I have until the 12th to get 61 hours of Japanese study which means my usual 5 hours a day routine, so it's really doable.With update on the blog every Wednesday.

2) Read more or die (please join here)
My goal is to read 1200 pages of Japanese novel before the end of the month 30th midnight which means 40 pages a day. I think that's the most challenging thing for me this month. I used to read in the bus but I'm not taking the bus anymore so I need to find a different time to read. The good point, it should increase my hour count for the 6 Week Challenge. The update will follow the update of the 6 Week Challenge.
You can follow my stats as I go here.


3) JuNoWriMo (please join here)
I decided to participate in JuNoWriMo to finally finish the first draft of Vampire Heart. Seeing that my demon characters won't leave me alone that is going to be a lot of fun. I need to cover 600 years of European and Asian history too. I stopped working on it because I was stuck about the history part and I haven't figured out the way out yet. It might as well be written as a trilogy as 600 years is a very very long time... so we'll see what happens. I'm aiming at 50000 words and decided to start with my usual 2500 words a day routine as explained in the tips post to win NaNoWriMo. You can start reading Vampire Heart here, a new part of the story will be added every week.

4) Daily blogging
The updates on the different challenges should cover some ground here.
I also have my participation to the Week-end Writing Warriors every Sunday, the entries can all be found here
I'm intended to write some character stories like I did for the A-to-Z challenge back in April this time using characters of Vampire Heart. The character stories for the A-to-Z challenge can be found here.
I will also finish the travel series about France.
Then for the day with nothing I'll probably find something interesting so no worries.

5) Mich's summer mystery
Mich's summer mystery contest will be starting on June 21 and I need to prepare the story to be able to have regular posts about it on the blog leaving my clues. You can join the contest here, let's have fun together. But be prepare for the craziest thing I ever wrote in my entire life: crazy grammar, crazy plot, crazy character, crazy places. 

6) Demon and Fairy editing 
I need prizes for the Mich's summer mystery and I intend to have paperbacks of my new novel "Demon and Fairy" for the winner, so I need to have it edited by the end of the month to be able to use my NaNoWriMo winner coupon with CreateSpace. Wish me luck. You can find the excerpt for Demon and Fairy every Sunday as part of the Week-end Writing Warriors challenge.

7) Illustrations
I am still a bit short in Illustrations for Demon and Fairy and I want to illustrate the blog post of Mich's summer mystery as well so I'll be also drawing during the first part of the month. To be able to make it on time I will need to find a more efficient way to work on my art.

Now, as no-human can do it, let me become a monster... transformation...

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