Monday, June 3, 2013

France : Abbaye de Bon Repos

En français
We then went deeper in the center of Brittany and visited the old ruin of the abbey of Bon Repos near the Nantes Brest Canal. The abbey is part of historical monument since 1940. It was first build in 1184 and the crypt served of tomb for 13 viscounts from the Rohan family. The Abbey became royal and was then left to ruin until abbé Philippe Alexandre de Montault Saint-Genies Navaille starts to take care of it in 1683. The abbey is emptied but preserved during French revolution then burned by the Chouans occupying it.  It then served as a refuge for the builder of the Nantes Brest Canal. It was then abandoned until 1986 when it was partially rebuilt. Now it serves as a theater scene of sounds and light historical shows. 


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