Tuesday, April 9, 2013


"The ground started to shake as the monster approached", Hitomi paused and started to write something down on the page of the notebook which was never leaving her side.
Elian jumped on the occasion.
"What kind of monster?" he asked.
"I'm not sure I want to know that", Elios answered.
Elios was Elian twins they were almost indistinguishable except for the slightly different color of their hair when it reflected the sunlight. If Elios seemed to be the most courageous of the two in most situation, he was also scared of monsters, especially if they looked like dinosaurs, so much that his older sisters had to look under his bed to make sure that there was nothing there at bed time. But his brother at the contrary loved dinosaurs and was collecting books and figurines.
"The ground started to shake as the tall and hairy monster approached. It had a light blue color and deep pink eyes wish seemed to be rolling on themselves as if they were looking inside his head as well as outside", Hitomi started again.
"That's not scary for a monster", Elian interrupt.
"I like it better this way", Elios said encouraging.
"Don't interrupt me ok, or I'll get lost", Hitomi said.
"The monster put his hands on the window of the bedroom and started to blow at it, the glass turned red, then orange, then yellow, before exploding in a million of little stars. It passed his large hairy head through the new aperture and and started to climb the wall to get in", Hitomi paused again to write a note.
Elian and Elios were looking at her. They knew they were not allowed to talk but questions seemed to be burning their tongues.
"Jerry was looking at it. Some part of him wanted to yell and to tell his mum to come to see this but some part of him wanted to see what the monster was going to do. He waited for it to approach."
"I think that boy is crazy", Elios said unable to hold his tongue anymore.
"Why?" Elian answered.
"I would have yelled of course, people entering your room at night can do anything, anything, really", Elios answered.
"You say that just because you're too scared to let Hitomi continue", his twin answered.
"That's not true", Elios said pushing him.
"Here we go again", Hitomi thought. She let them argue for a bit, but seeing that it wasn't going to stop anytime soon, she gathered her stuff and left.
It was becoming like that more and more often. She wondered if her skills at telling stories where starting to lack or if it was just that her public at getting used to her style and was getting bored with it. There used to be a time when she could just sat in the living room, clear her throat and have everyone coming over to listen.
Now, she had to give candies to Elian and Elios to have them sit with her and she didn't even finish to read her story. She was feeling time when she noticed that it was time for her to go to the attic.

Hitomi is the main character of Attic Mirror.