Friday, January 6, 2012

ジウ 警視庁特殊犯捜査係 (Jiu)

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ジウ 警視庁特殊犯捜査係 (Jiu) is a Japanese drama in 9 episodes from 2011 based on a novel suspense serie by Tetsuya Honda.

The Japanese S.I.T. (special investigation team) police organization have two women in the team. Misaki is very warm and feminine and turned toward negotiation. Motoko is more athletic and tend to solve the cases by force which end up with having her transfered to the S.A.T. the special intervention unit normally reserved to men. Both girls are trying to track down Jiu, the perpetrator of very brutal kidnapping crimes.
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Casting : 

黒木メイサ as Motoko Isaki
多部未華子 as Misaki Kadokura
城田優 as Takashi Amamiya
北村有起哉 as Hiroki Azuma
김명수(L) as Jiu (Jiu is the Chinese character played by a Korean guy in a Japanese drama... interesting)
飯田基祐 as Numaguchi
伊武雅刀 as Kensuke Asai

I like this drama because it is filled with suspense. Also my favorite charactere is Motoko she is more my type. I also like Jiu's personality even if he is the bad guy in the story.

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