Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ガリレオ (Galileo)

En français
ガリレオ is a Japanese drama in 11 episodes from 2007. It's taken from a novel by the mystery writer 東野 圭吾.

As she starts her carrier of detective in the criminal division, Kaoru Utsumi wants to be the successor of Shunpei Kusanagi who solved a lot of strange and complicated case which seemed to be involving paranormal powers. As she asks for his advices, he tells to her that the only reason he was able to solve the mystery was his friendship with Manabu Yukawa, a college professor and physics genius.

Casting : 

柴咲 コウ as Kaoru Utsumi 
福山 雅治 as Manabu Yukawa
北村 一輝 as Shunpei Kusanagi 
品川祐  as Shiro Yuge (Utsumi's sempai)
渡辺いっけい as Hiromi Kuribayashi (Yukawa's assistant)
真矢みき as Sakurako Jonouchi (Medical examiner)

Of course I love this drama, after all the hero is a physicist. And the first episode had to do with laser, what else would I need to be happy. ”さっぱり分からない。実に面白い” (変人ガリレオ)
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