Monday, January 31, 2011

Fish memory

En français

I think the title predicts that there will be a bit of ranting in this post so you have been warned.

I think fish memory is going to be the end of humanity anytime soon, that's an ever progressing epidemic that seems to have been unnoticed so far even though I'm confronted to it every day.

First I should define what I call "Fish memory".
Even though eating fish, give you a lot of DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), fishes have a very bad memory like commonly people believe that it's about 3 secs or something like that. (In fact the memory span of a fish is more of about three months, which is not too long either)
Anyway what I call fish memory is when you are talking about something with someone or doing something with them and the next day they seem to have forgotten about it.

At first I really thought that people were doing it on purpose, that seems so impossible. They ask you something and the next day they will ask you again as if they didn't even listen to you. Or they will ask you to do something for them and forget that they did and ask again one hour later.
But in fact it seems that people really forgot.
I don't know where it's coming from. Are they just not paying attention? Is it that they don't care ? I'm not really sure, but the fact is, it seems to be spreading with increasing speed and people seem to be able to forget the same thing several time in a row.

So do you remember the beginning of the post ?
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  1. No! xD I have a memory like a goldfish!LOL

  2. I know you do, haha, but I still like you anyway. :D

  3. Phew!...good to know that! That's music to my ear!hahaha! I like you too! lol