Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Demon Soul, the making of part 1: A very narrow relationship

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I truly believe that you can’t have a great story without great characters and at the same time you can’t have great characters without a great story.
Characters are a bit like the people you know in real life. So you have to ask yourself whose story you like to listen to better, the story of the guy telling you his last travel in Southern Asia, the story of the guy who went to the parasite museum or the story of the guy who spent his last week of holiday watching TV. For me, if you read this blog, you already saw the choice.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t like boring character, for example I truly think that Isakael, my angel is really boring. But the thing is that a character is like a person, it needs a good reason to be boring.

Before entering the story, each character lived (except Sahel, right) so before entering the story, each characters needed to have their own story, something that will determine their behavior and point of view and feeling and actions. (More about that in the Character series)

Before starting, the story needs someone there to do something. That’s how stories starts, something happens and there is no coming back. The story makes the characters move forward and the characters make the story take the path that only them with their own background can give to it.
If you are familiar with this blog you would now that the story would have been really different for example if Hitomi had been the main character instead of Brownie. She wouldn’t have done the magic by herself without Gideon and the outcome would have been totally different.
The narrow relationship between the story and the character force me to develop them in parallel, even though I still start with the main characters. But you will soon understand why.

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