Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Demon and fairy part 3

"Demon and fairy" is progressing nicely. I have been writing everyday except one since th begining of the challenge and I'm almost alright with my word count for the moment. Well I'm 500 words behind but I'm expecting to solve that tonight. The day I didn't write was just after going to the aquarium, I took a 4 hours nap, I must have been really tired of my week.
Even if I have planed all the story before starting to write, this last part carried me to some unexpected event. Well as for Demon Soul I guess I just have to feel the blanks between the things I actually planed, but it's a bit painful to be annoying and torturing poor Seti. I feel a lot mote comfortable when writing happy things. I think I just have to hurry up my writing to reach a happier part of the story.

So far 9187 words :D
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