Friday, April 30, 2010

I won Script Frenzy : Vienna's Ghost

So that's it I'm officially a script frenzy winner as you can see here. Writing a script was a lot different than writing a novel, I'm glad I started this new challenge at the beginning of the month. I didn't write every day like I usually do for the novels. Probably because when I started to see how fast the page count was going up I had a little bit of overconfidence like my friend is explaining here. I wasn't the only one suffering from it I guess. Writing a script is still easier than a novel. Just next time I won't let 45 pages for the last 2 days. I think that's a bit over doing it.

If you are already familiar with my writing you will encounter in this script characters you already know, Brownie, Sahel, Viorel and Gideon from "Demon soul" and Kallisto and Seti from "Demon and fairy". I know I promised more of "Demon and fairy" and that will come really soon now that I'm done with the challenges. I'm also intending to finish the edition of "Demon soul" for my free print. I'll show you pictures when I'll get it.

Tips about writing :
1) If you don't know what to write add a vampire. I'm just half kidding here but Viorel tend to make the story funny and interesting... heu, don't use him ok, get your own vampire.
2) Repeat the same song while writing. No that's not boring !! Repeating seriously help to concentrate, ok, I'm kind of sick of that song too, I used it for like 15 hours in 2 days. But I can sing it all too :D
3) A script is not like a novel. I never had problem to finish the challenge and to get the word count write for the novel. But I did for the script. I finished the story with 93 pages. I was a bit annoyed. So I started editing a bit and adding more part (especially about the side characters that I know well) And that worked pretty well, proof is that I win.
4) Take a shower, yeah in the middle of the afternoon too, that will reset your creativity.

I was also working on a group script, but we couldn't manage to finish (over-confidence again?) Anyway I hope to have it finish sometimes and to put it on here for you to read as long as my writing partner are happy with that of course.

So here is the script in question "Vienna's Ghost", it's only partially edited so forgive the mistakes in it.

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