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吸血姫 美夕 Vampire Princess Miyu

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Vampire Princess Miyu is a Japanese horror manga series and anime by 垣野内 成美 (Narumi Kakinouchi) and 平野 俊貴 Toshiki Hirano. 垣野内 成美 is known for her anime work on for example Dr Slump, きまぐれオレンジ☆ロード (Kimagure orange road) or 魔法のスターマジカルエミ (Magical Emi, the Magic Star), 平野 俊貴 directed the well known エンジェル・ハート (Angel Heart)

In 1988 was released a serie of 4 OVA and in 1997 an other serie of 26 episodes.
They tell the story of a vampire girl, Miyu, looking to be about 15 years old but who is obviously much older.
She is also called the Guardian, her role is to protect the human being by sending the demon Shinma back to darkness. To help her she has obviously her surnatural powers, she can teleport and controle fire as well as a Eastern Shinma she befriend called ラヴァ (Larva) and a bunny shinma called 死無 (shiima) which mean undead and can see were a shinma attack will be hold.

The title is interesting because in Japanese, vampire is written like that 吸血鬼, here however the character
meaning demon is replaced by the character 姫 meaning princess.
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