Friday, January 9, 2009

Raw foot diet : banana-coco balls

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I'm feeling OK on that new raw food diet, I can feel some detox effect like small headache and pain in the upper part of the body, but that's normal. I even tough it was a bit strange not to have it before the third day of the diet. Everything should desappear in few days and I should start felling the good side effects, I hope.

Here is the recipe of the dessert that I made to go with the Rawzagna.

What you need ?

2 banana
a bit of lime juice
grated coconuts


Squash the banana with the lime juice in a bowl. Adding a liquid to the bananas when squashing them make it easyer.
Add coconuts and mix. You need add enough coconut to be able to form small balls with the mix.
Form small balls and roll them in more grated coconuts

It's ready !!

I made two others people test it. One didn't like it and the other one said it was funny.

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