Monday, January 26, 2009

Raw food diet : Conclusion

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This is the end of the raw food diet. So I want to share with you my conclusion about the diet and the effect it had on me.
First I was expecting something bigger from the detox period, I was expecting to be sick, except very small headache nothing really happened to me. I was expecting that due to the fact that I knew of people needing to go to the toilet much more often during the first days of a new diet, and because of all the food I ate during the Christmas holidays. Nothing very spectacular occured. That probably means that I don't have so many bad eating habits in general.
However last week I went climbing with friends and find out at that I lost 2 kilos after 1 week and a half of diet. On Thursday, I went to the gym and figured out that I lost 2 more kilos. I wasn't expecting to lose that much so quickly even if I new the diet was low in fat and calories. I'm a bit happy about it.
The diet also allowed me to discover that even a diet as restrictive as only raw food can be very diversified. I needed to be creative in the first part because I was carving for other people cooked food. Then I really get used to it. At some point I was even disgusted by Sebastien's chili con carne. However I truly missed some product like pasta and bread and butter. The good point was also that I tested new fruits that I never tested before like pomegranate, jack fruit... I really like that one.
I'm very happy that I made this diet because I often heard people unable to do it even if their health is in the line and if it's a diet much less restrictive. I was imagining something much more difficult, especially as Sebastien was eating our usual food so that I wasn't "psychologically" helped in that sense. Now I know that if I ever really need to do a diet even that restrictive I can do it !!!
Changing my habits for nearly a month was also a great experience for me.
Yesterday evening, we had a very nice international dinner for Chinese new year and lots of very tasty cooked food :), arancine, spring roll, kimbap (that's not cook), beef bulgogy...


  1. Hey!!! You didn't even say that the pizza I made for you on Friday was the "best one ever"!!! :P

  2. Yeah that's tue it was... LOL :)

  3. Glad your raw food diet's outcome went well. I need to lose some of this extra baggage on me (hehe), but my will power to continue a regular meal plan ends sooner than later.
    Thanks for the new year's wish ^^ Happy Chinese New Year's to you too~ May you prosper, be healthy, and... be lucky..? hehe I dunno what other things we usually wish for others o.O