Sunday, February 1, 2009

Polyphasic sleep and food

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The end of the raw food diet allowed me to test the effect of the food I eat on polyphasic sleep.
I started to be polyphasic again at the end of my detox period that is on Monday two weeks ago.
I never had such an easy adaptation to polyphasic sleep before. I had no problem to get up and wasn't really feeling tired during the day even when I had to delay or miss a nap.
Last week-end I changed diet to go back to normal. And huge change appeared on my sleeping pattern :
I tend to oversleep every morning
Problem to get up, don't even remember the alarm o'clock
Tiredness in the morning not in the evening even if I miss a nap or delay it
And tired around nap time
I read somewhere that eating only raw food only can decrease you're need for sleep to only four hours a night. Apparently that what's happend to me when I started back being polyphasic.
Now I don't really want to go back to eat raw food only, it's a bit difficult when you want to have dinner out with other people and also when you're a fan of pizza and crèpes.
I think however that I'm going to try a new approach with food. That is include more raw fruit and vegetable. For example having half raw half normal cooked meal for dinner and lunch. Also I would like to decrease the amount of bread and fat that I'm having. I'm not talking about meat here because I'm already not eating that much meat already. We'll see how it goes.
Even if the raw food diet seems to be the perfect diet for polyphasic sleep, that doesn't mean that I can't find something that allows me more freedom.

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  1. "More freedom" :D
    Libertad para pizzas!!! ;)