Monday, September 8, 2008

The Japanese project : What happend so far ?

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I haven't written anything about learning Japanese for a long time.
That just means that nothing has really changed since the last time.
For the moment I'm just reviewing the Kanjis. I give myself 12 more days to do that before starting the next step of the study. Of course I will not stop reviewing the Kanjis I already know and continue to learn more of them.
But if I want to be able to speak one day I really need to continue the learning process while learning the Kanjis.
I'm much more motivated now than before because I have a Japanese friend. And he really seems to believe that I will end up speaking Japanese. That really great.

Generally when you are learning a language (especially an Asian language), people thinks either that you are crazy or that you are going to give up in three weeks or that you will never speak it whatever you do because it's so "difficult" or ...
For example I have been listening to Korean all the time for nearly 11 months now, and someone recently told me : "You're still doing that ?" with a kind of "You are so stupid" looks. Of course I'm still doing that, how can I learn if I'm not "still" doing that. What the point of starting doing that if you just stop without achieving your goal ?.
What kind of stupid question was that anyway ?
Most of the time people don't understand "How you can do that to yourself ?"
I think it's a real misconception of the "that".
"That" is fun, "that" is not painful, "that" make you smarter, more open-minded and feel so great.
So why the hell would I stop listening to Korean ? Why would I stop learning my kanjis? I'm not nuts, they are just missing something really really great because it's known to be "difficult" so they don't try.
I tried and it's not so difficult !!!!
And you learn so much more than vocabulary and grammar, it's like having a all new world opening slowly before your eyes, just for you, because you deserve it for wish it so hard.
I'm getting a bit excited about silly comments I received, sorry about that.

So at the moment I'm reviewing my Kanjis with Heisig 1 and Anky. I have also started pimsleur to boost a bit my conversationnal skill. I'm not really expecting to be fluent after the tree months as some people pretend to be but it's a good start for learning vocabulary.
At the same time I started today to watch Dragon ball Z without subtitles. There are 291 episodes, I think that's gonna be fantastic for my listening comprehention.

So don't let people bother you, just stay and listen to the one that helps or at least don't say silly think that doesn't help pretending to be "just realistic". And work because that's the only way to succed.

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