Friday, August 15, 2008

Polyphasic sleep : Trying to go back

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I'm curently having enormous troubles to go back to polyphasic sleep, mostly due to lack of motivation in general.
So I'm gonna do it as a 30 days trial. I already used 30 days trial before to keep busy during the night. Now I'm going to use the trial to be polyphasic.
The plan is to do it for 30 days no matter what. On the 18th of September I will go back to Germany, as that can affect my schedule the simplest thing to do is to start the 30 days tonight.
So today can be counted as day 1.
I'm planning to write a diary as regularly as possible so that I can summarise the issue of the schedule more clearly for you than before.

To keep busy and motivated is going to be the main problem.
(maybe I need some encouraging comments for that)

I still have the Korean SRS entries to make from the beginning since I lost them all, that really makes me feel depress.
I also want to test few other technics, I'll talk about them in due time in The Korean project.
I also need to take a good look at my kanjis, I have to go further in the Japanese learning process and so can't possibly stay stuck in reviewing my kanjis forever.
Especially that I've got a Japanese friend now.
I have lots of movies and animes that I haven't seen yet.
And of course I can knit amigurumis.
As Sebastien is becoming more and more interested in learning Chinese I think I should have a look at that as well.

So as always : Aja aja, Fighting !!!

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