Friday, April 11, 2008

Polyphasic sleep, 30 days trial

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In the basic of polyphasic sleep I told you that you need to prepare something to do, to make sure you aren't gonna get bored and go to sleep.
If you don't have a big project why not to try several small ones, or some that can be organize in "30 days trial".
I get the idea from here. Basically the "30 days trial" is something that you decide to do every day for one month, to quit a bad habit or create a good one.

Why is it good to do that in polyphasic sleep ?

It is good to do that during polyphasic sleep because if you fail at being polyphasic you will fail with you trials too. So that give you some more motivations. I fail two days ago because I couldn't have my day time nap for social reason, so that give a day without doing nothing in the trial as well. I was pretty unhappy about it. As a result I decided to give up the idea of Ubermann schedule. Of course I stay polyphasic, I feel to well with it to quit, but I'm not going to try to get ride of my core nap.
I generally get a core nap between 6 am and 8 am and I really enjoy it anyway, as I can sleep very deeply. And it also allows me to sleep only ones in the lab instead of to with is good as I got more trouble to fall asleep there. I basically get 4 hours sleep a day instead of 3 but that's still less than most of the people so I guess that's OK.

What are my "30 days trials" at the moment ?

1) Play violin everyday, I really like to play and since I begun the trial one week ago I'm really improving a lot. I still don't play very well but as long as I enjoy myself I just go for it.

2) Do all my SRS programmed repetitions + 100 everyday. 100 is a very big number but I keep with it cause I really need to let the Korean enter my brain. So far it's OK, but the more entries you memorize the more repetitions are programmed, even been polyhasic, I'm affrayed of running out of time to be able to keep this rhythm.

3) FSI Korean lesson oral everyday. This is a great way of review everything I learn so far and it helps a great deal with my pronunciation and comprehension.

4) FSI Korean lesson writing 1 hour everyday. This help me to memorize the vocabulary as well and to practice my writing skills, as I'm absolutely not confidant about the spelling . The fact that I decided to do that for one hours is to prevent burnout and to make sure I got time for everything, because even a polyphasic sleeper can run out of time.

5) Review physics course from first year at University 1 hour everyday. That allow me to refresh my memories about part of physic that I'm not using anymore and about things that I may need but don't remember.

6) Read a chapter of a book everyday. You always need to read to improve, to gain more knowledge, and because it's fun to read anyway... At the moment I'm reading "Musashi" from Eiji Yoshikawa. That's nearly 1000 pages so if I stop reading for to long I'm going to be lost. I like historical novel.

7) Write a post on this blog everyday. Yes guys, you have something new to read everyday and posted at the strangest hours possible from the middle of the night because it's a trial.
That doesn't mean that I will stop posting after that of course, I have to much things to say.

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