Monday, August 25, 2008

Polyphasic sleep : One week later

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According to my previous post about polyphasic sleep I'm supposed to be now on my 9th day of deep polyphasic sleep. Well that didn't go that well. I fact I really started on the following Monday.
My schedule is also a bit funny compared to my habitual one.
I have a core nap in the morning just before going to the lab so that I don't need to sleep in the lab. Then I have a second core nap at 6pm I didn't wanted to but I keep on over sleeping without even noticing the alarm o'clock most of the time. So I always miss the 10pm nap and have the regular 2am one as usual.
That was not so bad all week but I tried to get to a complete Uberman schedule during the week-end. At the beginning it was perfect then I had to miss a nap for social reason and I ended up oversleeping a lot afterwards.
Life is hard for polyphasic sleeper who have to make their schedule match the monophasic people life.
Anyway I'm making process there even if it's not yet perfect and that's the good point.
My projects are in general getting better as well, so "Tout est pour le mieux dans le meilleur des mondes." (Candide de Voltaire).

As to the secondary effect I don't feel as hungry as before during the night but I really feel that I need to go to bed for the 6am nap. That's the really unmissable one.
I have a lot of very weird and intense dreams. I just have to speak of something or even just mention something to dream about it during the following nap. I thing that it's mean that my brain is treating the information as soon as it get them so that must do some good in the long term. We will see.
Except that, nothing really special. Being polyphasic even strangely is really great.

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