Monday, August 11, 2008

Physics : My third poster

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This is the poster I presented last week in Dresden.
I have been there for two weeks.
The first week was dedicated to summer school and the second was a workshop on Time-Resolved X-Ray Dynamics.
I learned a lot and made a lot of friends.

My poster doesn't show much different things compared to the two previous, except a graph showing the radio Ne2+/Ne+.
The slope compare well with experiment but the values are a bit to low. That is due to the fact the those calculations have been made with rates obtained by emission of a 2p electron only.
This week I hope to have enough data from my intensity dependent calculations to recalculate this ratio using the ionization rates including emission of a 2p or 2s electron.

Those two weeks in Dresden were very profitable, I hope to go more often to that kind of interesting conference in the future.

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