Thursday, August 21, 2008

GTO the movie

En français
You already know everything think about GTO the anime and GTO the live drama
Now I finally find the movie (1999).
Onizuka Eikichi is again played by beautiful 反町隆史 Takashi Sorimachi.
This time, he arrives in a country side town.
He has to face a class where one of the student is rejected by the others, the love story of his most introverted student who has a cow named Patricia for only friend and the investigation of a journalist (Norika Fujiwara) who think that he is a serial robber.
As usual he use his crazy way to solve all problems.
The movie is less funny than the anime or even the live drama but no teacher will ever be better than Onizuka anyway.
The movie can be donwload as usual on cHinKy's mOviE sPoiLer.

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