Wednesday, August 20, 2008

B형 남자친구, My boyftiend is type B

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B형 남자친구is a Korean romantic comedy from Choi Seok-won (2005).
The movie is based on the Japanese blood type theory that said that a person personality can be determined by his blood type.

Ha-mi, a student of blood type A, met accidentally Young-bin of blood type B.
So Ha-mi is supposed to be conservative, introverted and reasonable.
And Young-bin is supposed to be passionate, irresponsible, selfish, self centered and arrogant.
Her cousin, Chae Young, specialist in match making, prevent her about going out with a type B guy.

This movie is really funny and show how love can overcome prejudice.
Especially because both characters match their blood type theory description.
Young-bin is play by 이동건 (Lee Dong Gun, 李東健) who also play in 상두야 학교가자! (SangDoo let's go to school) with 비.
Ha-mi is played by 한지혜 (Han Ji-hye,韓智慧).
Other informations and download can be find here.
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