Monday, June 16, 2008

The Japanese project : Reviewing kanjis

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I finally end up reviewing my kanjis for the all week, last week.
I actually know 1483, so I think I will finish to learn them for Friday as planned.
I first thought that I was going to learn them all and review them during the last week but I'm happy that I reviewed them sooner. In fact I was a bit worried not to be able to really remember them as I was learning them so quickly. But it's working very well finally.
So now I just enjoy my new knowledge and learn more.

I find a new way to review them as well. That is watching Japanese animes or Korean dramas and movies with Chinese subtitles. At the moment it's Dragon Ball Z and 1%의 어떤것.

In the subtitles, you see lot of characters in a short period of time so that helps increasing your reading reaction speed.
The good thing about the Chinese subtitles is that there are only Chinese characters, no kana as with the Japanese subtitles. That's good because I don't know the kana yet.
That's bad because they are not use as in Japanese and the Chinese use more of them. What the guys are saying don't match the subtitles I mean.
But still it's really funny to watch something in a language you don't fully understand with subtitles that you can fully read.
And having fun is good for your education anyway. Even Sebastien enjoy watching them like that with me. So I have some translations and explanations to give. It's his participation to the learning of Japanese he says.
The other good point is to compare the Chinese subtitles with the English ones to learn more vocabulary.
My way of having fun probably seems weird but I really love it.

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