Sunday, May 4, 2008

Polyphasic sleep, 30 days trial end

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Yesterday was the last day of the trial.
Nothing really changed since the last post about it. All my project are going fine :

1) I'm improving in violin but I think "the spring" is still a bit to difficult so I need to find something easier.
2) The quotidian repetitions are really really necessary to improve your language skills. I think I'm not going to continue to add 100 a days as it's too much time consuming but I will try to keep with something between 200 and 300 a day. (scheduled and added)
3) The FSI lessons everyday are not going so well as it's a bit boring, I think I'm going to change for pimsleur for the next 30 days then go back.
The thing is that pimsleur has got translations included in the tapes and I need to look for the translations every time with FSI, so FSI will probably be easier if I build a bit more of vocabulary.
4) The FSI 1 hour writing is find I just got trouble to do only 1 hour a day, but that a very nice problem to have I think.
5) The review of my physic is not going well.
At the moment I need to read everything I can on R-matrix theory in the lab, that is between 5 and 7 hours of reading a day. When I go home I really don't feel like reading again. Even if I sometime read about R-matrix. If I need to finish to understand something I didn't during the day, I read during the night.
6) Reading a chapter every day, I truly can't, I usually was reading two or three. But that better isn't it ?
7) Writing a post, that's going fine, I'm even seriously thinking about opening more categories.

The effect on the polyphasic schedule isn't so great, as I never prepared anything to do when my trials of the days were over, I tend to oversleep each time I don't have specific things to do.
If I can't keep with the schedule this week-end, I'm gonna go for a full monophasic week and go back to polyphasic sleep next week-end.

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