Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Polyphasic sleep, 30 days trial, 20 days later

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It has been 20 days since I begun the 30 days trial, so here are some feedbacks about how it is going on, the problems, and details about each part of it.

1) The playing 30 min violin a day is going fine, I'm nearly able to play "itsumo nando demo" so I begun to study "the spring" for Vilvaldi. I'm a big fan of Hayao Miyasaki, I'll talk about it later. Anyway, that's very exciting. I also decided to be polyphasic to be able to study languages and do things at night so that I can play violin when I come back from work. So 100% great.
2) Doing the SRS repetitions +100, that's going find. I stop adding 100 when I reache 985 repetitions cause even if I like that as I explained in a previous post it was a bit too much and it was running a bit out of time.
3) FSI korean oral lesson everyday. That one also is not so good, but that's because it was a stupid idea from the beginning.
The thing is, instead of doing one different lesson every day, I'm doing the same lesson over and over again until I'm able to understand everything and repeting without hesitating. I think that's cleverer than repeting just for repeting, and I'm improving a lot that way. So we can conclude that it's also going fine even if it's different than the initial idea. The goal is not to finish repeting the lesson as soon as possible but to be fluent as soon as possible.
4) FSI korean writting lesson for 1 hour every day.
This one is going very fine. I need 3 or 4 day to complete the study of 1 lesson so that give me time to absorb all the informations.
5) Reviewing physic, I have nearly finish to review everything of the first semester, I just have to do some more exercises in mathematics and mechanics, so everything is great.
6) Reading a chapter everyday. That maybe the easiest trial of all, the only problem is that I want to read more and I have to prevent myself from doing it to save time for the other project.
7)Writting a post one this blog everyday, for that one we can figure it out by yourself. And "Musashi" is a really good book.

So the trial are going fine, but that's more difficult than I expected.
The main problem is that I don't have that much of freedom, if I want to do something for longer than expected, the other trial will suffer, and that's not a good point because I'm not motivated the same way to do the same thing everyday. I think next time I will do only one trial at a time.
The lack of flexibility give me also trouble to find the time to knit or anything else except during the week-end and the main reason why I wanted to be polyphasic was for to be able to do more thing I like during to week and not only the week-end. I really miss the flexibility allowed by polyphasic sleep.
The result on the polyphasic sleep is, probably due to the lack of flexibility, also not that great, as my core nap tend to increase during week days instead of dicreasing as I first thought it will do.
The effect of each the trial in themself are great but the effect of the multi-trial is more a negatif one.

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