Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Korean project : Basic Vocabulary

En français

Now that you learned how to read 한굴, if you haven't or don't remember take a look here first, I think it can be a good idea to learn some basic vocabulary.

안녕하십니ㄱ까? Hello, How are you?
안녕하세요? Hello, How are you?
미안합니다. I'm sorry
미안에요. I'm sorry
고맙습니다 Thank you
천만에 말씀입니다 You're welcome
실레합니다 Excuse me (present)
실레했읍니다 Excuse me (past)
실레하겠읍니다 Excuse me (future)
안녕히 게십시요 Goodbye to someone staying
안녕히 가십시요 Goodbye to someone leaving
또 뵙겠읍니다 See you again

In Korean, there is a lot of way to say the same thing with different degrees of politeness. Here you have the formal polite style (ending in -ㅂ니다) and the informal polite (ending in 요). That's the way foreigners are supposed to speak in the first place.

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