Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Tuesday Travel 42: Witch Raising: The Book of Fire

Welcome to Tuesday Travel. Every Tuesday, I will be presenting an excerpt of Witch Raising: The Book of Fire, the book in which Brownie, the heroine of Demon Soul, is undertaking an initiatory journey. 

Image by A. Maureen Burns from Pixabay
About Witch Raising: The Book of Fire

Witch Raising is a new series with Brownie, the heroine of Demon Soul as the main character. This series is part of the House at the Crossing Series and follows Demon Soul and Demon and Fairy but instead of being centered on the adventure of Sahel and his demon friends, it follows Brownie as she goes from being a normal girl to a bad ass witch. She has been practicing magick for a while now, saving people from difficult situations but the people at the house, including Sahel aren't happy with her new calling. Feeling that she doesn't have a choice and has to keep learning witchcraft, Brownie leaves to meet other witches.

The excerpt, we start where we left off last week 

And just like that, before she knew it, the edge of the city was becoming smaller and smaller and completely left her window to leave place to fields and fields of corn and colza and wheat, pasture with cows and sheep, and little groves with the occasional farm house.
The train had now gained speed and she couldn't see the details anymore, the landscape passed like blurred lines in front of her eyes. She was going away as fast as she could, the same way she had left the house, the same way she had lived her life recently. There was nothing she could do but hurry to get things done before situation became critical. Like with Kallisto, she had been up for a ride in her sister mind. Fairy's thought worked so differently and that ring was so dark. A shiver ran down her spine at the thought that someone might have created it, that someone had been that desperate to stay with someone forever and that Kallisto had been as desperate to use it. Brownie didn't want to think about what might push someone in such a corner.
Sahel kept on repeating that she was using really dark magic but it wasn't that dark, at least nothing in comparison to that ring. They could both had died just for being separated. What would have happened if Kallisto had been kidnapped again? Brownie bet nobody thought of that and she felt even more infuriated. They never thought things through and Sahel dared to blame her when she was doing the best she can to repair all those mistakes.
She looked through the window again but there was nothing to see at that speed. She dived into have backpack and came back with the three books she had been reading recently.
The first one was called “History of magic in Evergreen and Erhland”. It wasn't one of this folklore book trying to explain the life of people and rite without referring to anything else than archeological finding and grotto painting like you could easily find anywhere, no, it was a detail work about the evolution of magic in different coven as well as the coven's history. It was the most interesting thing Brownie had read in a while. Before diving into magic she had never been big in reading non-fiction so from time to time going through the facts and spells and list of ingredient was a bit tedious. But this book was written like a novel, it turned around the life of one particular coven the one she was hoping to find, from the creation to daily problems and spells and the war and treaties between other coven. It was history in a romanticize way and it was really a lot of fun to read.

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