Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Wednesday Snippet 209: Blue Angel

Welcome to a new part of Blue Angel unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

“Not really but I'm still curious about the trance, can we watch?” Seti asked.
“I feel very sorry for Kallisto if you are so much into Sahel,” Evalynn said.
Azazel couldn't refrain a smile.
“I just think we should all stick together because we might have a bigger problem coming up,” Seti said.
“I really like how optimistic you always are,” Azazel answered.
“Look at this place, it should be destroyed,” Seti said.
“It is destroyed,” Azazel answered helping another kid to get a chair on a top of a pile too high for him, “kid, use your wings.”
“I'm not good at flying,” the kid said looking down.
Azazel rushed his hear, “You'll be fine, just try, it takes practice.”
“What I mean,” Seti continued interrupting him, “is that you destroyed the cave of the Hunters completely, there was nothing left of it and we barely made it out.”
“Yeah, but not everybody can create such awesome Earthquake,” Azazel said smiling proudly. He was happy to finally have enough power to do something that Seti and Sahel couldn't.
“They could have! They just needed to work together to float the place or to break it down, we are under-ground with barely any escape, it's not safe, they could have.” Seti said, “But they didn't and that's worrying me.”
“I think Seti has a point,” Evalynn said.
“So what do you suggest,” Azazel answered putting his hands in his pocket.
“They are looking for something that they haven't found yet,” Seti suggested.
“Like what?”

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