Sunday, July 15, 2018

WeWriWar 253: Demon Soul

Welcome to a new excerpt of DEMON SOUL for the Weekend Writing Warrior and Snippet Sunday

Brownie is a normal girl, or so she thinks. She likes to chat with her sisters about random things, she likes fashion and she is member of the fashion club at school. But one day, as her little brother gets really sick because of a curse placed on him, she meets this really strange guy who cures him absorbing the baby's sickness within himself. As he is about to fall from his new acquired fever, Brownie sees Yue's soul and immediately falls in love with him. But Yue is not a human, Yue is a demon.
Brownie and Yue will built their love story until....

Until Yue's soul is stolen. There is nothing left of their love. The purple light dancing in Yue's grey eyes is gone. Forever? Not quite. Brownie is desperate to find it back. And to get a soul stolen by demons, she needs to go deep into dark magic! But Brownie is not a witch, she is just looking for a spell powerful enough to bring her love back. When an amateur starts playing with strong magic without preparation and without caring for the consequences, things turn wrong...

Let's start right where we left off.  

It was a sort of demonic baptism. She couldn't help thinking that they should avoid it. Yue's Dark Side made him suffer so much. What was the use for the Dark Side anyway and where did it come from? Sometimes, she wondered if trying to understand it instead of fighting it wouldn't have been a better idea. Then the fight for power in the demon’s body between his soul and his Dark Side might have stopped. But it was too late for that now.
She continued to read: “The Dark Side protects the demon. Without it, they become vulnerable to the other demons' attack to their souls and inside protective magic. The Dark Side usually acts like a shield. It also carries the powers that the demons use to…”

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  1. I'm enjoying the way she's learning all the facts about demons (so we're learning them too LOL). Fun snippet, because of the way you're presenting the world building so cleverly.

  2. As I read it I was thinking that it's the dark side that gives a demon (or anyone else) their strength. Glad I wasn't too far wrong!

  3. I am really enjoying all the facts about demons we are learning.